Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Australia relived

Bundy and Diet Coke I'm reliving my wonderful days in Australia this evening by partaking of a Bundy & Coke, a traditional Australian cocktail made with genuine Bundaberg rum that I purchased duty-free at the airport Down Under. Actually I'm really having a Bundy & Diet Coke. Actually it's not even Diet Coke ... it's Diet some generic store brand of cola. So maybe, in the end, it's not so traditional. Whatever. It gets the job done.

Beloved Australia memories will be further revived tomorrow when our big group goes out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Why a Chinese restaurant? I think a big chunk of our group went to Chinatown for dinner when we were in Melbourne, but I was not part of that particular outing. Anyway, we're going to Formosa, which was chosen by a New Haven local in our group who is of Chinese descent, so I can only expect the upmost authenticism and quality. He's going to do all the ordering.

Did I mention I'm drinking Bundy & Diet Something because it's Wednesday? That's my Friday! I am loving these four-day weekends. Loving the quarter. Love the Yale School of Management.

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