Saturday, March 13, 2010

I think I Cairns

John Metz gets cuddly with a Cairns koala. Today was the best day in Australia yet! I felt much better, health-wise, which allowed me to enjoy the day. We had a great plane trip -- it's fun as a group -- to Cairns, a tropical, lush town in Northern Australia (hence warmer than Sydney, which is south ... remember, we're below the Equator down here, so everything is backwards).

Skyrail view in Cairns
Our tour guide, who I must take a photo of, is German, and quite a character. We had a bizarrely luxurious lunch outside in shaded comfort with fans and cold towels and a few courses, ending with fantastic fruit. Then we had an awesome visit to Skyrail, an eco-friendly tourism company that offers a full rain forest experience. The gondola ride was gorgeous; the area looked more like a more-impresssive version of North Carolina's Appalachian mountains. It's no New Zealand, but it's awfully nice. Then we came back to the hotel, went swimming, and went out for dinner and drinks.

Tomorrow: The Great Barrier Reef.

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  1. AAAAHHH! Koala!!! That is seriously my favorite John pic ever! I always wanted to grab one of those vicious little fellows :)))