Sunday, March 28, 2010

A drawback to the 4-day weekend

With cups scarce, Kasia drinks from some sort of frozen lime juice container.I'm so happy to have four-day weekends, but I'm going to have to learn to budget my time better.

I spent most of Thursday-Saturday thinking I had plenty of time ahead to do my readings and assignments for Monday and Tuesday. So I did some tutoring, went to a party at my friend Dave's house, attending the aforementioned Big Gay Party, cleaned, spent some time catching up with friends on the phone, played some piano. And I've got lunch plans today.

I did some work yesterday, but not nearly enough. I spent this morning printing off what I hadn't realized was a fart-load of reading I need to complete today, including a 28-page case w/ a 3-page write-up for my marketing class; about 50 pages of reading for State & Society (and that does not include about a dozen articles posted online that I guess we're supposed to read), and the hard-to-quantify amount of material in an online case that will inform another write-up due for another class on Tuesday. This is in addition to some chapters I should have read for marketing and some other short readings I'd already done for Innovator.

Not a disaster, but not stuff I should have put off this late. And I am on call for more tutoring tonight. Oh, and I had wanted to get a head start on some stuff for CABO, since I'm on the board and have things to do. Oh, and I applied to a couple more internships this weekend. Oh, and I've got a tour to give tomorrow for prospective students. Over committed maybe?

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