Monday, March 8, 2010

Living it up in Sydney, mate

John Metz, sleepy in Sydney, Australia. I have arrived in Sydney, Australia, totally exhausted. Perhaps three days of adventurous activities are catching up to me, or perhaps I awoke too early this morning. The travel caused us to gain two hours, so although it's only 9 p.m. and I have no right to be tired, it's really 11 p.m. in Queenstown, so ... you know, sorry. I'll be here all week, folks, so there will be plenty of time to do stuff. I am thrilled to be here. It's warm, and the hotel is wonderful. Comfy.

Having missed the Oscars for the first time ever due to being in the air, I just watched a few speeches on YouTube. Sandra Bullock was great; Mo'Nique was expectedly totally ungracious. She did deliver a great performance, though.

Tomorrow begins the actual school-sanctioned "international experience" that prompted all this travel, beginning with a city tour, followed by a visit to Fox Studios Australia, which should appeal to me. The dress is business formal. I have brought two suits and five shirt-tie combos and will be crossing my fingers that everything works out wardrobe-wise.

The rest of the week's agenda in Sydney is packed. More to come! My Internet is somewhat limited, and my days will be busy, but I will do my best to provide updates because I'm dedicated.

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