Sunday, March 7, 2010

Funyaking and jet boating

Kim, John and Aminah A glorious and tiring day was had in the sun by us, as we went on a combination "jet boarding" and "funyaking" excursion on the Dart River and saw some truly amazing views.

Jet boarding is like jet skiing except you're on a boat. It's a clever invention; if it's going fast, it can hover and scoot over just 5 inches of water. Because the canals around the mountains are shallow, I often thought we were headed for doom, but we always skated effortlessly even over the shallowest areas.

Funyaking is, as you may have guessed, a combination of fun and kayaking (guess they think kayaking isn't fun). It wasn't actually kayaking, though; it was canoeing in inflatable canoes. It was tiring but a lot of fun -- a full day event. We started at 7:30 and got home at about 5.

Not sure what the plan is tonight, but tomorrow we leave this place, which is really unfortunate. I love it here so!

John, blocking your view

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