Thursday, March 18, 2010

Restroom curiosity

Men pee on walls in Australia. Sorry that I can't not post this. But in Australian men's rooms, there is often a rather curious installation, pictured above.

This is where I am supposed to pee.

In fact, I am supposed to stand on the grate, then pee against the wall. The urine slides down the wall and makes its way toward a drain; when I step off the grate, water will flow down and flush it out ... or so I've heard. After using these things several times throughout our trip, I was at one yesterday when my friend Jeremy came in and told me I was doing it wrong -- I wasn't standing on the grate, I was standing on the tile floor, aiming over the grate. To me, the grate did not look like something I should be standing on.

What do I know? There aren't signs or anything.

So I have only heard about the weight-activated flushing system. Maybe sometime today I'll have the pleasure of putting it to the test.

Kangaroo steak. In other Australian culture news, look to the left and see my dinner last night, a kangaroo steak. I had tasted kangaroo on a pizza a couple days prior, but this really allowed me to savor the flavor of this hippity-hoppitying little creature. It tastes like a steak that tastes funny.

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