Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorta-Day-1 Done

Velma Dinkley said it best: Jinkies.

The first day of Spring 2, our fourth quarter, began as no other school day has for this early riser -- with falling back asleep after my alarm went off, then rushing to class without breakfast. NEVER has happened, despite the prevalence of 8:15s. I blame my mysteriously still-lingering jet lag, as I awoke at 2:30 and was up for a good while thereafter.

But I did make it to my first class on time and, not having the sense to stay quiet despite my fatigue, participated, which turned out to be rather regrettable, as I was pressed for far more details and analysis about my contribution than I was able to provide. I think I looked a bit dumb, but by this point, everyone who would think me dumb has probably already formed this opinion, and nothing I say now will change that.

It was a busy day, certainly. Three classes, and lots of reading, as well as a last-minute assignment in my Innovator class (the one in which I made aforementioned commentary) to work in groups of four to build a stable coat hanger out of two pieces of wood and a c-clamp. I love what we came up with and have a photo of it but can't post it yet because two of the other sections haven't done the assignment yet, and one never knows who might stumble onto this wildly popular blog.

Tomorrow I have my first-ever appointment with Yale Health Services, for two different and not terribly interesting reasons -- both having to do with getting checked for genetic cancers I am urged to get checked out routinely (thyroid and skin). No symptoms, mind you, just a nice preventative checkup. Anyway, I am curious to see how efficient and pleasant Yale Health Services is/are. I'll provide an update, if I survive.

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