Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last day in Melbourne

Jeremy, Zandra, Yujie, Chris and Nicole The Internet situation in Melbourne has been most unacceptable; I currently have 10 minutes remaining on a 30-minute limit, so I'll try to hit some highlights with haste:

1. Did some karaoke Tuesday night, which was fantastic. It was akin to what is popular in Japan, with about 20 or so of us renting a private room and getting a nearly limitlness flow of alcohol, singing privately. A ton of fun; I'd always had a bit of an aversion to that, because, as a former karaoke regular, I thought there'd be almost no point if you took away the audience. But it becomes a totally different kind of experience ... just lots of laughs and dancing and great times. Do it if you ever get the opportunity.

2. We had business meetings on Tuesday which were interesting, but mColdstream Hillsore interesting was our itinerary Wednesday, which was totally booze-focused. We began by meeting with Ian Johnston, CEO of Foster's, before touring the Carlton Draught Brewery and then Coldstream Hills vineyard, pictured at right in an iPhone photo that doesn't do the scenery justice. Not a bad way to spend St. Patrick's Day.

3. The trip has officially ended, with a nice dinner last night. Today a few of us are hanging around just for fun ... we're planning to go to the beach and maybe to a couple sites in the city (museums and such). Then tomorrow morning I head back for America! Our fourth quarter starts Monday.


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