Friday, March 5, 2010

I skydove

John Metz skydives with ShaneIt was so fun! And surprisingly not that scary, honestly. I expected to be sweating buckets and hyperventilating, but for some reason I was pretty darn calm. I knew my tandem master, Shane, wouldn't let me down. By killing us.

I went with Aminah and Kim. We crammed into a very small plane and went up 12,000 feet. The freefall was about 50 seconds, and then there was about another five minutes of soaring down via parachute. The freefall was intense and cold, like being blasted with an industrial fan. The floating was peaceful and beautiful. You just can't beat the scenery in NZ!

Anyway, it was a fantastic experience, and I got loads of pictures and a DVD. I'd totally do it again.

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