Friday, March 26, 2010

I partied, then helped the children

My new printer Behold my new printer. I'm so excited. My old printer was a hand-me-down, and I always appreciate a hand-me-down, but it was time for an upgrade. I am thrilled not to have to make "print things out" one of my on-campus to-dos.

Last night I attended one in a regular series of Big Gay Parties at GPSCY, which was surprisingly big and gay. Loads of gays, and lots of fun. Today I slept in, caught up with a friend from high school, then tutored a Georgia student in math, via One of the neat things about doing this is the Bamboo writing pad, which Learn To Be sends all its tutors. My student had some tough questions I wouldn't have been able to help with so easily had I not been refreshing those crazy quant skills in school. (Example: It took Susie 4 hours to drive to Grandma's house and 3 hours to get back, and she was going 11 mph faster on the way back. What were her speeds? Not a hard question per se, but this issue isn't whether I think it's hard, it's whether I can explain the steps in a helpful way. That's not really easy to do on the spot, but I think I did fine, and will do better going forward ... I have a regular schedule of several hours per week.)

These four-day weekends are, I must say, a dream. Even though it's mostly a mental thing to not have a class and not really a significant addition of productive hours, it's nevertheless very freeing to look at four full complete days of whatever I want to do. It's both relaxing and productive. My room is spotless. I've cooked some delicious meals. I've gotten my act together, basically. Couldn't be happier.

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