Friday, April 2, 2010

Multo Authentico Chineseo

My doggie bag from Formosa I had a productive, errand-filled day yesterday followed by a very social evening, and yet I took no pictures and have managed to reduce the affair to the carry-out box above. It's from Formosa, an authentic Chinese restaurant where about 20 members of my Australia group ordered food that could have easily fed 50. It was a good time, and I'm still full.

After that, a second-year gay and I crashed a mixer between the law and medical schools. I enjoy those things but do them so rarely that I tend to feel a little sidelined because everybody, especially the law students, knows each other so well. Seems like half the law school is gay; the business school, not so much.

Speaking of that, I will next-year be budget officer and co-president of Q+ Gay/Straight Alliance, SOM's club for the gay and gay-friendly. I'm going to try to do a good job but am already looking to other involvements I might need to cut out of my life next year. Fortunately our schedule is entirely electives, and it appears that elective classes tend to be a bit lighter than the core classes, so I may have time for more outside commitments. But I'm definitely piling it on.

Remember LDP? That's the roughly once-a-month evening class about leadership and values that first-years are required to take. I'm in a small group that volunteered to plan the last meeting; I think we're leaning toward a roast-and-toast. Anyway we're getting together today to talk about that, and then I've got online tutoring of K-8 students for a couple hours in the afternoon. And then I'll be headed to my brother's for the Easter weekend. Should be beautiful weather, and it doesn't look like I have an especially scary amount of work.

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