Friday, March 12, 2010

Last full day in Sydney :-(

A model of Sydney, at the Town Hall Another packed day. First we visited the Town Hall to hear someone lay out plans for what the city will look like in 2030. You can check it out here. The mission is to make it more sustainable and connected. Throughout our visit to various companies I've noticed people's strong feelings and relationships with the government, and the media. It's something of a paternalistic society -- people expect government to take care of things, and also blame the government for interfering with everything. This meeting reinforced that; these are big plans for major changes in the city. They're neat changes, but the implementation of the changes seems awfully top-down.

Next we had a short break before visiting Cochlear, a company that manufactures implants for people with hearing loss -- not to be confused with hearing aids, which amplify sound. Cochlear implants use digital technology to recreate sounds and send messages to the brain, or something. This was the first company we've visited that prohibited photography. Then we ended the day at Macquarie, a bank that was uncharacteristically profitable during the global financial crisis. I have to admit I didn't follow much of that presentation, although I did make good on the challenge to myself to ask a question.

We have an early start tomorrow before we head to Cairns. It's going to be a great weekend, if I start feeling better! I can't believe I'm still so run down ... sore and achy, and it gets worse throughout the day. I thought it was go away on its own, but no. The plan in Cairns involves visiting the Great Barrier Reef and snorkeling and all kinds of fun goodies, so I demand health! Send me your health!


  1. lay out plans for what the city will look like in 2030 The design is superb.


  2. nice layout.gud to see this