Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yale beats Dartmouth, 1,000,000 to 0

Dave, Kasia and John at the Yale-Dartmouth hockey gameWhen Matt, Dave, Kasia and I walked into the rink (which is next to SOM), Dartmouth was up 2-0. Because Matt had on his trusted Dartmouth shirt and was excited to root for his team, the Big Green quickly lost its lead and was handily defeated 4-2. It was fun, although frosty. And no beer? Really? And Coke is $4? And a bad, cold hot dog is also $4? Lesson learned, The Whale.

Afterward we wanted a bar that would be fun but allow for conversation. Not sure where to find one on a Friday night, and somewhat reluctant to hike excessive distances in the icy cold, I decided Anna Liffey's would do. At first, it did do. Then, of course, in comes a band, to ruin everything. Not the band's fault per se, but what is the deal with bars taking a nice place with happy people and drowning it out with dreary electric stringed instruments? That sounds like an old person's complaint, but I've been saying that for 10 years. Nevertheless, laughs.

Meanwhile, I've made my first-ever appointment with H&R Block to do my taxes. I've always just done them online, but I think (a) this year's are going to be a little more complicated, and (b) I have less time this year to deal with taxes. There is much to do.

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