Monday, February 22, 2010

Testing Yale Health Services

Bronchitis As a student, I am entitled to access Yale Health Services. I went in maybe a week ago to make a non-emergency appointment, and there wasn't one available until early March, which meant I had to make one for late March since I will be spending most of March in New Zealand and Australia.

Starting last night, I felt a little achy. I got lightheaded. My throat hurt. I've been smoking a bit (I know, I know, I'm terrible), so I attributed it to that. But I feel a bit lousy today too. Not full-blown sick, but not full-blown healthy either. I would normally just go about my business, but my friend Aaron, who I spent last night with at bowling and beyond, mentioned that he went to the doctor today and was diagnosed with bronchitis. Nobody ever needs bronchitis, but one especially doesn't need it the week of finals and a week before traveling abroad. Nosiree.

So I am putting Yale Health Services to the test. I called at 4:04, explained my story and was told a nurse would call back to assess whether I needed to come in to see someone. I am being perhaps overly cautious here, but I just want to make sure that if there are antibiotics or something for bronchitis, I get ahold of them ASAP. Updates to come. Let's see how responsive and helpful the health services here are when it really counts.

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