Friday, February 5, 2010

Talent abounds

Star Search at Yale SOM Pictured above is the closing act of last night's Star Search talent show to raise money for SOM's internship fund. The fund helps support MBA students pursuing unpaid (or low-paid) nonprofit work over the summer. It was a lot of fun -- talent varied from really great acting, singing and juggling to lighter gags and skits. Both the singers I accompanied did an amazing job, and I did not appear to have ruined anything.

The evening was followed by a late night and wild time at GPSCY, which I've mentioned is a bar primarily for grad students. I went several times when I first moved here but started going less frequently when it got super cold. And last night was a reminder -- we called a cab and the Yale shuttle and waited for what felt like ages in the freezing cold before finally deciding to hike back to East Rock on foot, which isn't exactly safe. I was probably just being impatient; usually Yale's shuttle service is decent, and cabs are even more decent.

This afternoon I'm meeting with a couple members of CABO, a (actually "the") LGBT chamber of commerce in Connecticut. Their mission is to "create, identify and enhance business opportunities for GLBT and GLBT-friendly organizations, thereby fostering a more inclusive and vibrant Connecticut economy." My friend Brian, a second-year student at SOM, is a board member but is stepping down because he's graduating. They are interested in having another SOM student take his place. Brian's enjoyed it, and it seems like a great opportunity to learn, network and contribute. (Man, I sound more businessy every day ...)

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