Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two updates and a CEO walk into a blog

Update 1: Yale Health Services called back at about 4:55, but I missed the call because I was using another iPhone app and didn't realize I was getting a call until it told me I had a voice mail. This has happened before. The message said I could call back before 5, which I did, but the nurse was busy, and I didn't get a call back, although I was advised to call emergency services or whatever it's called. I didn't do so because I had to run to a macro review session, which served the purpose of making me even more nervous about Thursday's exam.

Update 2: My Littlefield group ended up in 11th out of 23, "respectfully in the middle" as I'd said I wanted. Yay!

Today, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi, an SOM alumna, is speaking on campus. Even though I am too busy to go, I will go, because that's sort of a big deal. She has several times been ranked among the very most powerful women in the world.
It's a big day in general, which seems to have happened a lot on Tuesdays: Three classes, and in one of them I'm giving a presentation; Indra's speech; a 30-minute phone interview; a CABO board meeting that was postponed last week because of snow (it's snowing now, so maybe that will happen again); and, of course, a LOST gathering, which it's my turn to host this week. What won't be happened = much studying.

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