Monday, February 1, 2010

LOST = Where I'll be found

LOSTIf anyone needs me Tuesday night -- and, believe it or not, there have been people who do -- I will be delightfully indisposed viewing the season premiere of LOST, a series of which I have seen each episode, despite not necessarily believing it to be that great of a show. So why bother? Sometimes it's important to sync up your consciousness with the rest of society. It's a good conversation starter. It introduces fascinating themes about faith, science and power. And, perhaps most importantly, Sawyer frequently chooses not to wear a shirt.

Meanwhile, I did not tend to my studies as rigorously as I had wanted to this weekend, and soon I will pay. It's going to be a mad busy week. In addition to my usual host of school and social obligations, extra ones this week include four rehearsals and the performance at Thursday's "Star Search" talent show; attending three Australia-related meetings; an extra two-hour "Sailboat" game/meeting/activity for my operations class; a hockey game Thursday; two Food For Thought shifts; a campus tour (well now I'm just being silly ... that happens every week) and, most importantly, LOST.

Guess you get what you pay for.

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