Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quiz: What's going on in this picture?

Salvador and Colin try to jump a car.Here's a quiz as to what is going on in this photograph, which I took last night. Is it:

a) Members of my Australia trip group went to the Outback Steakhouse to get accustomed to genuine Australian cuisine, and upon leaving, one of our classmates' car wouldn't start. The photo is an attempt to jump it.

b) While heading to a night club with a few friends, one of those friend's car got tangled up in what appears to have been a mess of red wire netting, sitting on the highway. It got caught around the wheels, and we had to pull off at an exit to cut and tear it off.

c) Some classmates and I who volunteer at Food For Thought were throwing an international food festival in Caulkins Courtyard on campus and activated a spotlight as a signal, representing the light we bring to not-for-profit businesses at which we intern over the summer.

The answer is here.

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