Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closer to outta here

New Zealand I am on the edge of my seat, awaiting my thrilling world travels. Yesterday I completed our take-home exam for Employee, which means I have finished all the requirements for this quarter's three core courses (Employee, The Operations Engine, and The Global Macroeconomy). The exams in the other two were fine; macro was easier than I expected, and operations was harder. Anyway, all that's left are two more requirements for my elective, Statistical Modeling: A take-home exam, which I'm about to jump on, and a paper, which is just a write-up of a presentation I already gave. I am hoping to finish both of these things today.

Meanwhile, I've sent off a couple more internship applications, to Coca-Cola and PBS, and have printed out my materials for The Associated Press, which is the first internship to which I've applied that requires physical copies of applicants' letters and resumes. Any of these would be fantastic opportunities, although I must say The AP is the one for which I'm vying.

Anyway, once my stats stuff is out of the way, I just have to pack! My flight leaves Tuesday afternoon, which means I will have to start traveling Tuesday morning. Talk about a trek ... a cab to the train station, a train to Grand Central (two hours), a cab to JFK, a flight to LA, a flight to Auckland, and then a flight to Queenstown. It's basically 33 hours of straight travel. Blech. Fortunately I am totally prepared to entertain myself because I have a bag of trail mix and some sort of conservative manifesto my brother sent me for Christmas. It has red, white and blue all over the cover.

I am planning to take my laptop because I would like to blog while I'm in New Zealand and Australia. I'm not totally sure if I will have Internet access, or how expensive it may be, but I will at least take pictures and write some things in Word to post when I get back. Either way, you will have one hell of a story, loyal readers.

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