Sunday, February 14, 2010

The bowling did happen

John Metz bowls.For two periods in my life, I've been a bowling league. The first time was for five years, from 5th grade to 9th. Yes, I was popular and sexy in middle school. The second was about four years ago, in Corpus Christi. Some co-workers at the Caller-Times and I were The Gutterschmucks. For a week, we were in first place, I think. My average was about 135.

Tonight I subbed on a gay bowling league -- only in Connecticut, I tell ya! -- and was successful. It was pretty fun. Whether I can/want to spend $13 a week to commit to this activity each and every Sunday, I cannot say. School is a priority. But the notion of having some totally unintellectual outside-of-school activity is awfully appealing. Reminds me of when I made choices based on what I wanted to do to make myself happy.

My friend Aaron introduced me to the league. Here he is bowling, unaware that I was filming him. Mwa ha ha ha ha ...

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