Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sunnyside blew into New Haven

Sunflower in New HavenOn the sidewalks of New Haven today, I stopped to photograph the sunflowers because I was abnormally intoxicated after entertaining my friend Kale, a fellow I befriended over the summer in Sunnyside, Queens. He came into New Haven because he's on vacation and considering SOM. Having been a tour guide, I handily provided him with insights about SOM, including bringing him to my Competitive Strategy class. I feel it's a typical business school course -- case discussions and what-not. He's interested.

Kale with beerToday was not the best day to entertain, though, because my schedule was packed. I went to the gym, had class, gave a presentation about the launch of the Human Capital Club my friend Erika and I are starting, had an hour-long meeting with the dean about being an SYA (Second-Year Adviser), met up with Kale, took him to Comp Strat, then ... well, then strolled to the pub.

On the way there, I noticed that C.O. Jones, which had had a fire, is reopened. I stepped in and asked for the details. Turns out the fire that put it out of business all summer was started by some combination of a bad computer and the dust behind it, all located beneath several shelves of liquor. Flames broke out, and that was that. Now there's a new bar, new floors, and the place looks great.

Anyway, all in all a great day. I think being a second-year is going to be a blast.

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