Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shop lift

Clinton's Crossing Today my friend, classmate, neighbor and international traveling companion Aminah escorted me to Clinton's Crossing, an outlet mall where I found tremendous deals on some pretty nice threads for the new year. A few months ago I donated most of my clothes -- something I do every few years when I get tired of everything in my closet -- and have since been living on few articles. But after a fruitful and beautiful afternoon at the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic and others, I am wildly confident I will be somewhat less embarrassed to leave the house. And I am grateful to have done relatively little damage to my checking account.

Afterward I went out with some friends to load up on pasta in advance of tomorrow's 5K road race, which is supposed to draw about 5,000 people, including SOM's dean, who invites winning teams of students to her house for cocktails and establishes a challenge whereby the faculty takes on the students, with the losing group donating to the Internship Fund, which helps supplement people pursuing nonprofit internships. Sometimes I like run-on sentences.

In an unrelated matter, check out my dear friend Carla's first attempt at a stop-motion video! She did it for a project at a new grad program she started this fall. Her ridiculous multitude of creative talents continues to expand.

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