Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Mory's you know

Art and Rasanah Mory's is a 160-year-old eating club for people affiliated with Yale that was recently renovated and just re-opened. I became aware of this for three particular reasons: (1) One of our professors last spring is the president of Mory's board of governors, (2) My friend Carolyn had a marketing internship there this summer, and (3) Mory's infiltrated a couple of the weekly happy hours at the Yale Club over the summer.

The three of us who went found the service to be five-star, and the food to be of fewer stars but probably good enough to return. The menu is pretty short and limited to a small number of rather basic varied items -- steak, tuna, lasagna, burger, etc. The fries were great. And the bill was also great, since we each had $10 coupons sent to us in the mail for being new student members. Given that we all had salads before our meals, $47.91 is a pretty good bill for three people.

After dinner -- and frozen yogurt, and coffee -- the time came for the first-of-the-year Big Gay Party at GPSCY. The name says it all, but it's a big gay party for grad students. And it was big, bangin', loud and sweaty. A fun time. I must pat myself on the back for easily staying awake until the end. My secret was a two-hour afternoon nap and a large iced coffee at about 9 p.m.; I will remember this trick and repeat when appropriate. These are the types of behaviors over-30 folks like me need to adopt to keep up with the youngins.

Today it's out for breakfast, then some homework, particularly corporate finance. I'd rather still be at the party.

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