Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good golly, it's volleyball

Tim attempts yet another ace. I was honored and delighted to have been invited Saturday to a first-year student's parents' 40th wedding anniversary party at their home. It was a big to-do with delicious food and drink, lots of their friends (and several stranger guests such as me) and a spirited game of three-on-three volleyball, which is one of the only sports I love to play even though I bring no skills of note to the table. The celebrating couple gave some nice speeches, and each son did the same. This was a stark contrast to my parents' 40th anniversary a couple months ago, which my father forgot and all three of us children didn't acknowledge in any way. Whoops.

John and KatieLater in the day I made a last-minute move back to GPSCY for a free barbecue, which was satisfying and superior to what was necessary for the price. That turned into a not-too-late night on the town with friends. Tomorrow I'm going shopping.

Please don't ask why I'm not yet preparing my readings and assignments for the week, because I won't have an answer. Well, maybe just this one tentative explanation: Senioritis?

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