Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I feel like vegetables tonight

This evening, nearly 30 people were in my home, eating vegetables.

My roommate participates in the famous Veggie Dinners I'd heard about but didn't really understand until this evening. Participants sign up and get to enjoy weekly home-cooked vegetarian dinners, in exchange for preparing a dinner for everybody else once during the semester. I don't participate but got to enjoy it this evening because, you know, I live here and all that.

Earlier today I had another meal adventure, or the start of one at least. My friend Jeremy and I decided we'd have lunch at the Hall of Graduate Studies, which I'd heard has a good lunch. But it seems to be best for people on a meal plan -- it was a pretty mediocre-looking buffet for $10. Being business students, we determined this was not a good value and walked nearby to have pasta. The Hall of Graduate Studies itself, though, was really impressive. It was like being in an old European castle.

The food theme continues tomorrow as I attempt to go to another one of New Haven's famous pizza places, Sally's, with the friends with whom I experienced Pepe's for the first time, a few weeks back. Pepe's and Sally's are the most legendary pizza places around, and we want to compare them. Despite all these good eats, I am losing weight, thanks to my inputs at the local gymnasium. Calories in, calories out.


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