Friday, September 3, 2010

I saw the signup

Lots of people signed up to be on the Q+ mailing list Aside from maybe two minor meltdowns, it's been a reasonable and wonderful transition back to school for yours truly.

GPSCY This year I'm a co-leader of Q+, the LGBT group at my school, and am proud of how much the Class of 2012 has shown support, evidenced by the impressive sign-up (in the photo above) for our mailing list from the Club Fair on Thursday afternoon. After the fair, six of us went over to a bar/restaurant downtown for a Yale-wide LGBT networking event with a few folks from BCG (a consulting firm). That was followed by immense fun, spiraling into me taking pictures like the one you see here, at GPSCY, the grad-school pub.

Being co-leader of a club is going to be a lot of work and forces me to address and hopefully conquer one of my weaknesses, which is that I hate mundane logistics. You have to do a bunch of this, handle a bunch of that, update the thingy, e-mail so-and-so about whatever, blah blah blah about receipts and forms and reimbursements. I like it when other people do those things.

Classes look like they will be well-taught, which is good news considering much of the material is, to me, tricky and unfamiliar. But I made that bed, since second-year students take solely electives.

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