Friday, September 10, 2010

Pepe le food

Us at Pepe's Generally, when I remark that I don't care for New Haven's supposedly delicious take on pizza, a follow up question is: "Well, have you been to Pepe's?" And when I say no, my original opinion is dismissed as ill-informed.

Please do not expectorate in the drinking fountain. Turned out I wasn't the only one who'd never been, so a group of us (finally) went to Wooster Square to try this stuff. And, fine, it was quite good. I get it. The white clam pizza in particular was pretty special. The food was worth negating my morning at the gym, where I noticed this amusing sign that, for some reason, strikes me as supercilious. (You may have to click for a larger view to read it.)

Yesterday I started to learn how I will get paid for a few of my involvements this year. Being a TA (teaching assistant), an SYA (second-year adviser) and admissions interviewer all pay, not very much individually but nothing to sneeze at when added together. After I fill out a few hundred forms, I will receive a payment on the 15th and 30th of each month. In all, I expect this to cover almost all my rent, so it's really a nice deal. (There's uncertainty there because I'm still not sure how many interviews I'll be doing a week.)

Speaking of the art of providing incentives, my friend Erika and I are going full-steam with our Human Capital Club. We've scheduled a primer, which is a session that outlines the industry and the opportunities for MBA's within it, and are sponsoring a panel for early next month, in addition to trying to get some big-name speakers on campus. The purpose of our club is to help people who might be interested in the human capital / HR / talent management function, which is becoming increasingly strategic but which is still generally the arena of just a handful of MBA programs (like Cornell and Michigan).

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