Tuesday, September 28, 2010

People who bought this also bought ...

On Monday, I attended a virtual corporate presentation from Amazon.com, whose full-time job opportunities include rotational LDP (leadership development program) programs in functions such as operations, product management, general management, finance and, my preference, human resources. By "virtual," I mean the presenters were in a conference room in Seattle; we could see/hear them on a big screen, and they could see/hear us. It was very high-tech, but not without its drawbacks; I think in-person is the way to go, but we're a long way from Seattle.

Before the presentation, I played hangman with my friend Aminah, and I prefer the picture above to the backs of heads I captured during the presentation.

The job search is definitely upon us, and I think it would be worth my time to go into a dark room and spend some real time thinking about what exactly I want to do for this next step and beyond. Sure, I have some ideas; it's not as if I've given this no thought. But when a busy life keeps rolling along, it can be possible to sort of lose one's way. I want to make sure I'm passionate about the opportunities I'm pursuing, and not just shipping off cover letters half-heartedly. Because, really, if that were the case, I'd never get anywhere anyway.

My time at the gymnasium this morning was challenging because I haven't been able to shake a mild cold I caught about a week ago. If I slept more, maybe it would go away. Not sure when something crazy like that might happen ...

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