Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You know you drank too much when ...

What the? We all have too much to drink from time to time. (I like to try to convince myself that this is true, even though it isn't.) And New York City makes it all too easy to go overboard because it's full of fun places and there's no need to drive.

Not sure if you had a wild, late night? There are many signs that arise in the morning, even beyond a hangover, or the fact you're asking whether you had a wild, late night, as if you don't remember back that far. For me, the real sign is when I look at the photos on my phone and see something like what's above. In a way it's kind of beautiful! But it is not the work of a sober man.

Many of you are probably aware that the Northeast has been having what the locals call a heat wave, but what back in Texas we would call a typical summer day. Of course, unlike in Texas, in New York one does a lot of walking and subway-riding, perhaps in suits, and this makes for a disgusting outcome. One of my trains today was un-air-conditioned; fortunately it's a train I only take for one stop. But I did think that if I had stayed in it for another two minutes I would have died.

A positive outcome of the heat is that it's a great conversation-starter. People were striking up chit-chats with me and others all day, waiting for the subway, walking down the street, standing in an elevator, standing in a line, whatever. It was super, actually. One likes to make that human connection.

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  1. Wow, that's a groovetastic photo! Just be careful, sweetie. NYC isn't the safest place to stroll around intoxicated. Stay out of the heat, stay safe, and enjoy yourself!