Saturday, July 17, 2010

Itchin' for my kitchen

The kitchen in my sublet apartment I'm taking this morning off to clean, rest, read and catch up on e-mails that need attention, all of which help me with the most important goal of all: to temporarily plug up the cracked dam to my financial reservoir (aka to stop spending money).

The nicest room in the apartment I'm subletting is the kitchen. Unfortunately, I barely use it, because the only meal I'm usually at home for is breakfast, and in the rare instance I am home around dinner, I have no food to cook, which means I need to go to the store, and if I'm going to do that, I might as well just get take-out. See the cycle?

Also, the kitchen is the farthest room from my bedroom, which is the only room that has an A/C unit. That means the kitchen is hot. I have no desire to stand in it, sauteing chicken or boiling rice. I think I've used the stove three times this summer -- twice for soup, once for eggs. This is very unlike me, because I usually like to cook, but it's just not fitting into the routine.

Thus, I tend to use the kitchen only for breakfast, which is to say I pour milk over cereal, slice a banana if I have one, and perhaps microwave a mug of water for tea. Despite having lots of neat knives, mixers and a crock pot, this kitchen somehow lacks both a coffee maker and a toaster, all of which rather limit my breakfast options. I do own these things, back in New Haven, but I haven't been back there to grab them since I arrived in New York, and I don't see myself doing so.

Anyway, none of that is terribly interesting, but neither is this morning.

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