Sunday, July 25, 2010

Celebrating 66% completion with a gimlet

Brian Time is of the essence as I round the corner on the 2/3 point in my New York City summer. I have four weeks remaining at the AP. There is, thus, (mostly self-imposed) pressure to wrap-up the various projects I'm juggling, as well as (similarly mostly self-imposed) pressure to soak up the city.

John and Kristin On Friday night I enjoyed my sixth consecutive free dinner (meals on AP Sunday-Wednesday, free happy-hour buffet at the Yale Club on Thursday, a friend's home cookin' on Friday), and then on Saturday met up with my friend Kristin for the best gimlet I've ever had, at Sidecar, and I'm not just saying that because the bartender cooked my free dinner the night before. We then had sushi nearby and had a great time trying to stay awake past 11.

Today will be a first for me in New York: seeing a movie. Enough people have told me Inception is amazing that, fine, they win. To prepare, I have purchased my tickets on Fandango and was pleased to see a new (to me, at least) option that allows you to receive your tickets on your mobile phone. Since I didn't bring my printer with me, this was handy. I will see whether it works or whether I am tossed out the door. Then it's dinner at the Yale Club.

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