Monday, July 5, 2010

My Jersey Shore weekend

4th of July in Long Branch, NJ My friends Aminah, Carolyn, Paul and I spent a fantastic weekend at the Jersey Shore, soaking up rays and liquor primarily in Long Beach and Bradley Beach. Not much of what we encountered resembled the show, but I say that never having really watched the show.

There was much to love. For two nights in a row we feasted on what was nothing short of an amazing happy hour at a place called Sirena -- some of the best appetizer food I've ever had, and fantastic white peach sangrias. The beaches were nice -- well-kept, crowded but not irritatingly rowdy. The 4th of July festivities were awesome; delicious vended food for miles and the best fireworks display I can remember. And, of course, there were a great many attractive specimens to enjoy. Anyway, it was just a great time overall.

We stayed at a cheap, sketchy hotel. How sketchy? Let's see. (a) It appeared to be the permanent residence of many young Asians who would linger all day in the lobby, wearing uniforms, and get picked up and dropped off in un-marked vans. (b) Coming back on Sunday night, we walked in on two people having full-on intercourse on the stairs. (c) The continental breakfast consisted of Corn Flakes, Cheerios, the worst bagels I've ever had, rock-hard butter for those bagels, and the worst coffee I've ever had. I could go on and on, really. We had many laughs over it.

Pop, injured.Meanwhile, my father, who lives in Florida, had a nasty fall over the holiday weekend. He tripped and smashed his head on a table and had to go to the hospital. This is the picture my mom sent. It could, of course, be a lot worse. Having aging parents is ... well, it's never dull.

Tomorrow it's back to work, and it looks like some fun plans are lining up for the weekend. I'm approaching the midpoint of my summer in New York!

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