Friday, July 9, 2010

Texas Hill Country in NYC?

Musicians perform at Hill CountryDisclaimer: At my last job, I reviewed restaurants.

I met up with some guys from SOM to have dinner and drinks at Hill Country, a purportedly authentic Texas barbecue restaurant.

It got some things right -- serving a variety of meats by the pound (or rib, or link) on paper and a side selection that included pinto beans and potato salad. The brisket had a great flavor but had too many inedible fatty pieces, and the sausage was too spicy although actually better than what I tended to get in Texas. But the sides were what threw me off the authenticity train: mac & cheese that was actually penne, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, corn pudding, collard greens that tasted sweet and hickory-like. Seems a little like North Carolina barbecue to me. Nothing wrong with that, but after having Texas barbecue numerous times while living there, this joint seemed pretty Yankee (with Yankee prices to boot ... my bill was $30). I'd like to take another Texan there sometime to get another opinion.

Meanwhile, this weekend is full of several good plans that include a rooftop party and Greek dining. And it's pay day. So bring it.

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