Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh, yes, it's Mory's night

Kim and Ben 'Twas Mory's Night again at the Yale Club, which means there were giant chalices of colorful concoctions passed around. We shared laughs, and probably germs. Above is my SOM friend Kim and my AP co-worker (co-intern?) Ben.

RainSuch an evening brings me full circle, as today is the one-year anniversary of my first posting on this blog, marking the day I left Dallas in a terrible storm, with a car full of crap and only vague ideas about what business school would be like. I was re-reading some of those early posts and was grateful for the awesome personal record of details I'd forgotten. And who knows ... maybe some first-year student will find it and follow along day-by-day, using my experience as either a road map to success or a warning against failure.

I toast to another year of this particular adventure with a giant chalice of a colorful concoction.

John at Mory's Night at the Yale Club


  1. It's Carla, btw. If you see 'pop' in the title, you know who you are dealing with. LOL