Sunday, July 11, 2010

I crossed a bridge, and I liked it

View from the Brooklyn BridgeLena, one of my best friends from college, has a New York bucket list. One item on it was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which we did this afternoon. We have many great pictures, but I think this one gives the best perspective of being up there.

Lena eats a bridge.On the other end of the bridge, we had a bit of fun in DUMBO, having a great brunch at Vinegar Hill House and coffee at Almondine Bakery. There's also a nice park over there called Empire Fulton Ferry, where Lena, as you can see, decided to eat the Manhattan Bridge, which is next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Or was.

Anyway, I had a somewhat vague New York bucket list when I moved here. Now I'm halfway through and would like to write one out -- just some things I ought to do before the summer's over. Could be as specific as see the Statue of Liberty or as vague as to try a liquor I've never had, or go see a magician perform, or rescue a baby rat from the subway tracks. I am open to suggestions.

Also, I liked this placard on a bench in City Hall Park, which is in Manhattan near the base of the bridge. I just feel it's nicely put:

I like economical usages of words. Nothing immediately relevant comes up when I Google Christopher Kerst, though. I wonder who he was.


  1. I saw this post for the first time yesterday and was, for the first time in a long while, speechless. Chris, whose name is on the bench you write about, was my brother, and he died in 2007. My last trip with him was to New York, and we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time on a wonderfully sunny day. Last year my parents and I installed the bench as a way to remember him, his love of New York and adventures writ large. I am thrilled that the bench and placard made you stop for a moment and think about him.
    Cheers to serendipity.
    Heather Kerst

  2. Heather,
    Wow ... I'm delighted you found this and glad you took the time to comment. My best to you and yours.