Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There's an AP for that

Jazz is played at Blue Water Grill The meat of our two-day intern summit at AP is over, the second day of which was capped off with a fantastic dinner, set to jazz, at Blue Water Grill near Union Square. We got to learn a great deal about AP's operations and spend time with leaders from all types of arms of the company, including news, technology, security, legal, sports, business, strategy, research, photo, entertainment ... just about anything you could name. As we were told, a lot of employees don't even get that kind of access and experience, so the interns were very fortunate to get to do so.

Today it's back to work, followed by a farewell dinner in Chinatown followed by karaoke, an annual tradition for the intern summit. My supervisor welcomed a new baby into the world yesterday. I'm very excited for him. This may also mean I've been pushed out of the nest a bit at work, so we'll see today how that starts to play out. I have more than enough on my plate that keeping busy won't be an issue, and I'm working with another supervisor based in Chicago.

Brian Back to the whole jazz dinner thing, this was followed by after-dinner cocktails at a whiskey bar called the Rye House, a very fun experience because my companion's many talents include tending bar. This exposed me to new and rather unusual spirits and drinks, and it underlines what I've said before about one of my favorite and most surprising outcomes of this summer -- meeting new people and drawing on their expertise and stories. People who aren't afraid of cliches call this broadening your horizons. But my point is that the city is such a worldwide destination and supports so many kinds of careers that you end up being exposed to people from all around the world who have a wide variety of interesting jobs and interests.

Have I mentioned I'd like to stay? Or return, at least.

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