Monday, July 26, 2010

Inception and that back-to-school feeling

An image from Inception I didn't particularly like Inception. I'm entitled to my opinion. I felt it relied on excessive exposition to set up the bizarre rules required to frame an extended action sequence that was goofy and inconsequential. But I would gladly relive the experience simply for the hand holding; and it's a really long movie.

Meanwhile, speaking of juvenile feelings and behaviors, I for the first time today got just a twinge of excitement about returning to school, as I spent some time catching up on e-mails and dealing with highly neglected school-related requests, such as updating my resume, doing some club-leader tasks and re-browsing the course listings because I didn't get into one of the classes I bid for. C'est la vie on that one. When I was little, as each summer came to a close I felt a mix of dread and excitement at the thought of a new schoolyear. I usually had the same thoughts: "This year is going to be harder than any other, and I'm not sure I can do it. But I'm going to get really organized and stay on top of things like never before! And it will be nice to see my friends, meet new teachers and learn new things." I'm 31 and have basically all the same thoughts about going back to school that I had when I was 5.

My home -- which isn't really my home, but is just my temporary summer home -- has taken on the odor of a cabin, thanks to a leak in the A/C that managed to soak the bedroom floor. I am eager to see how quickly the owner responds, since he has a vested interest, as the floor to this apartment is the ceiling to his restaurant. No sign of him yet, though.

Today at work I was pleased with myself because I got to apply some statistical modeling know-how to create a formula that might help salespeople determine a range of prices for certain products. Until now I've been unable to do that due to things not worth getting into here, but I was glad to apply those tricks and contribute something concrete. It's a good place to work, with an important mission, so I'm always glad to be there.

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