Friday, July 2, 2010

Have some catch-up with those friends

Lena A fun aspect of the summer has been catching up with old friends. So old I still call them by names they haven't gone by in years.

One such friend is Lena, now Jalene, and we had a wonderful reunion last night at the Yale Club. Lena was one of my nearest and dearest at Duke; she's getting a master's now, and that's why she's in New York for the summer. I need to be spending more time at the YC because it's such a beautiful facility. We had a drink at happy hour, did the outdoor rooftop dining (since it was a perfect night), and then had a nightcap in the lounge, which had portraits of the presidents who've attended Yale. On one level, I laugh at myself for having no business being in a place like that. Then again, I am there legitimately; it's not like I snuck in. So, fake it till you make it? Maybe you don't have an opportunity to fake it till you have, to some extent, made it.

Yesterday was also my first session with a personal trainer at work, and I am s-o-r-e this morning, which is embarrassing because I was a pretty fit fellow a few years ago. The struggle I went through yesterday to do some simple exercises underlines how much I need to make this a priority. That won't be easy to do when school starts up again, but it needs to happen. Fitness is something you can't really fake till you make; you just have to do it.

Work is going well from my view, and I'll soon have a more definitive notion of whether it's going well from my supervisors' view because it's appraisal time! The interns do a self-evaluation every four weeks (so three times), as do their bosses. I appreciate formalities like this, actually, because they present conversation opportunities. I'm glad the AP really has a formal program for business interns; I have several friends working at places where they are the only MBA intern, and that can require a lot of self-direction if the people there aren't sure what to do with you.

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