Monday, July 19, 2010

Governors Island

John, Brian and Jay Had a great Sunday on Governors Island, which is south of Manhattan, popular among bicyclists and accessible for free by ferry. My friend Sara invited me to her friend Peter's picnic, where I met friendly people and continue to be impressed by the kinds of occupations that folks can pull off as full-time jobs in New York. Like opera singer.

Two interesting bits of people-watching -- loads of island-goers were dressed up in formal 1920s attire for a dance/jazz party. They must have been hot, but it was surreal to see. And while waiting for Sara near the line for the ferry, I saw Randy Harrison, who played Justin on "Queer as Folk." He walked right by, so close I could have tripped him. I tried to be stealthy and take a picture without seeming like I was doing so, but the results were disappointing.

After the island, I attended a dinner for all the AP interns, who have gathered from around the country for a summit this week. In what I might call a minor misjudgment on the part of whoever organized the dinner, there were many free pitchers of sangria floating around, and this led to fun and a not-so-fresh-feeling this morning; and we had to be at AP at 8! Oh, and one of the first items on the agenda -- a Q&A with the president and CEO.

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