Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't make me go back

Quentin and Mark, from SOMThursday night was so fun I could hardly stand it. It was regular weekly happy hour at the Yale Club, but it was particularly well-attended by SOM-ers, giving me a great opportunity for lively conversation and pictures that make me smile, such as the one above. Although I've spent a great deal of time this summer catching up with old friends, I'll be booked with wall-to-wall SOM stuff tomorrow -- an afternoon birthday lunch, and then a birthday party for two people in the evening.

John MetzI am not the least bit keen for the summer to end, even though I (a) have much more to learn about business, and (b) feel at times that I'm living at a pace that is not sustainable. I've noticed the pattern -- I'll go out five, six, seven nights in a row, then (like tonight) decide to stay in (although I am not yet home ... worked late). I'm trying to cram in as much big cityness as possible before going back to New Haven, a city that with each passing day seems less and less and less appealing.

Work, incidentally, continues to go well. Next Monday and Tuesday, I'll be taking a break from my normal tasks to participate in a summit for interns, who are coming from throughout the country for this. Not quite as exciting for those of us already here. It looks like it will be a series of speakers, training, meals and so forth. I like mingling with journalists of barely legal drinking age, so it should be a good time.

Home go I.

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