Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You can't have too many Frescas going at once

Which Fresca's the new Fresca?I'm frequently asked for the secret to how I'm able to maintain such a friendly, energetic, refreshed demeanor in the face of the spirit-crushing stress of graduate school. Fresca. That's what I tell them.

What you see on the table beside the couch is typical -- three Fresca cans of various fullness and various temperatures. Who knows their story. I probably cracked Fresca 1 open when I came home yesterday, worked on another later last night ... and I know I had one with breakfast this morning! It's my version of water, and it's why my skin has the vitamin-rich glow of grapefruit.

For people who've never tried Fresca -- or, heaven forbid, tried it and don't care for it, although I can't imagine such boorish people would be reading this blog -- I would encourage you to give it a try. It's the rare, perhaps only, diet soda that really does taste like a regular soda. In fact I drank it as a kid without knowing it was a diet soda; had I known it was diet, I probably wouldn't have tried it. There is no such thing as Diet Fresca, or Non-Diet Fresca ... there's just Fresca, naturally calorie-free and refreshing.

Oh, the refreshment! It goes well with every meal, and any occasion. Some mix it with vodka or other liquors, although I prefer to keep the taste untainted. It's like some sort of magical nectar. AND it comes in three wonderful flavors: original citrus (grapefruit), peach, and black cherry. I love them all, but am a loyal fan of the original.

Question: Have you ever seen a commercial for Fresca? I can't say I have. Not sure why, but I love that I can attribute my adoration of Fresca solely to the Fresca itself, and not some mind-bending ad campaign. But why wouldn't Fresca want to get the name out and compete with, say, Diet Dr Pepper, which claims to taste more like regular Dr Pepper? Fresca tastes more like Regular Fresca because it is, after all, the only Fresca there is. And Fresca is a Coca-Cola product ... not like they don't have the money for advertisement.

I just realized that perhaps I should shoot to be the brand manager for Fresca. After all, it seems the job doesn't involve much except getting Fresca into people's mouths and letting them make up their own minds. Speaking of that, read this Onion article.

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  1. My desk looks much the same. I always have several Frescas going at a time. I call it my morning OJ, because I hate orange juice and love Fresca.