Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thank God: My chem lab partner is within driving distance

My best friend from high school, Shiri, and her husband and son just moved a couple days ago from Brooklyn to this beautiful house in a town called Scarsdale (photo not by me ... I'm having a hard time remembering to bring my camera when it actually matters).

The move is fantastic for them, and for yours truly. Now, instead of having to spend two hours on the Metro North and then taking various subways and trekking lots-o-blocks, I can just hop on I-95 south, and I'm there in just a little over an hour. Such was the case on Labor Day, when I drove out to Scarsdale for delicious grilled meats and good times.

I've said a version of this before, but it's so wonderful, and still a little strange, to be within a quick drive of people I used to see maybe once a year, like Shiri and my brother. My feelings can best be expressed in this fashion:

I worked pretty hard this weekend, although I ended up not exactly employing my original studying strategy of revisiting every single class. Instead I focused assignments for the upcoming week so that I could get ahead. We'll see if that was the right strategy. Even though I think I did plenty of work, I do have a slight Monday morning nervousness that I'm in for four consecutive days of madness that perhaps could have been prevented. But I did what I did.

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