Friday, September 11, 2009

It's raining, so here's a poem, an update, and a quiz

A cold, rainy summer day in New HavenThe paradisical atmosphere I've come to adore about New Haven has taken the day off. The rain and chill have inspired me to write the following poem:
Woe are we /
who want /
to sit /
beneath a tree.
There are a couple more lines, but I'm a very private person.

Last night's probability/statistics exam was so easy that I only spent half the allotted two hours in a total panic. There were three questions, the first of which had something like eight parts. When I got to the third or fourth part, I got a little confused, and as I tried to find solutions to no avail, and time ticked by, I began to wonder if I would be hauled off by Yale's Stupid People Police, with no tuition refund given. So I put that question aside and moved on to the second and third questions, both of which were pretty straightforward and uncomplicated. With regained confidence, I returned to the first question and, in the end, think I arrived at a reasonable set of answers. The important thing is that it's over, and I'll never be under any pressure to perform academically again, except constantly for two more years.

On the missing-student front, you may have read that a medical grad student here went missing this week. She was supposed to be married Sunday, and she was last seen outside the Yale School of Medicine. That's where Susan, my roommate, goes to school every day of her life. The missing person's name is Annie Le.

Yale SOMMeanwhile, I took a picture in a classroom, for the sake of those who care. This was during a meeting about some of the clubs students can join. Observe. At the bottom of the photo, near the left, you see a black doohickey. It's actually a microphone; so if you're a student and want to say something, you push a little button, and your personal mic comes on. What I've noticed, though, is that the professor has to continuously remind students to use it, because most of us don't necessarily want our silly questions or half-baked answers to boom thunderously throughout the room.

As an upcoming tour guide -- my first tour will be Thursday -- I am to become familiar with a packet of materials about the school. I have learned, or been reminded of, many facts that I will now share, but because I am wild and fun, I will turn it into a true/false quiz. Answers at the end.

1. True or False: Yale Univeresity was founded in 1701 and is the third-oldest university in the United States, but the School of Management was founded in 1976, making it the youngest graduate or professional school at Yale.

2. True or False: New Haven is the first planned city in the United States and is credited as the birthplace of the hamburger, the lollipop and the Erector set.

3. True or False: Yale SOM is the first school to have a loan-forgiveness program for graduates who go into nonprofit work, and it remains among the most generous of any school.

4. True or False: John Metz hates cheese and crackers.

5. True or False: Noted SOM graduates include Indra Nooyi, the president and CEO of PepsiCo, Sandy Urie, president and CEO of Cambridge Associates LLC, and Austin Ligon, first president and CEO of CarMax Inc.

Click here for answers.

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  1. I actually really enjoyed the poem, it was short but oddly profound. I'd love to hear the rest.

    I have heard about the grad student and thought of you immediately. Please be careful, you never know when and where a psycho might turn up. I hope she's OK :(