Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go team! Specifically, Yale.

Here are some photographs from my weekend. All were taken by me except the scooter rally, taken by Matt Sturdevant.

Yale vs. Cornell, Sept. 26, 2009 It's game time -- Yale vs. Cornell, at the Yale Bowl in New Haven. It seats about 65,000, although on this particular Saturday afternoon it seated far fewer.

Mike Gannon It was MBA candidate Mike Gannon's idea to attend the football game. He's brilliant.

Football, a sport in the United States. Go athletes!

This is $1 worth of hot dog at the Yale Bowl If someone offered to sell you this bite of hot dog for $1, would you buy it? Of course not! But we did. Small, wimpy hot dogs were $4 apiece.

Matt + Susan My bestie Matt was in town for the weekend. Here he is with his lady friend, my roommate, Susan.

A scooter rally at Nica's We enjoyed breakfast at Nica's, as did people participating in a scooter rally.

Susan and John, roommates forever, or for a while. I'm barely in this blog, so here's an example of what I look like in the morning before a shower, having a breakfast sandwich at the corner store. I'm on the right.

Susan and Matt in the rain. On Sunday, it rained. Here's Susan and Matt.

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  1. These pictures are really exciting. Please keep shooting, I'm totally digging them.