Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Annie Le thoughts

A few people have asked what it's like on campus in light of the Annie Le homicide. Well, not great, although SOM (the School of Management, where I go) and the School of Medicine (SOM2?) are on opposite ends of the campus. So everything I've learned I've learned from my roommate, who says it's distracting and chaotic over there. But it's looking more and more like this wasn't a random crime, and of course that's a relief ... although the question still remains: How, with all the security, could someone be killed inside a Yale building without any cameras or security catching it?

But as for me and the people I see on a daily basis, I wouldn't say there's been all that much visible impact. A couple women have told me they aren't comfortable working in the building late at night, and to that I say they should never have been comfortable doing that. Go home!

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