Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reject the null hypothesis, because it's too controlling

Here's a quick look at my non-class commitments this week, to give you an idea of what an MBA's non-academic but school-affiliated life is like in his fifth week of school:

Monday: Went to a Marketing Club meeting from 4-5, where second-years gave an overview of different marketing careers and what they're like.

Tuesday: In addition to my three classes, I'm meeting with some of my team members to discuss an upcoming econ problem set, due Friday. Then I have a group tea with the dean from 4:15-5:15, which I'm hoping might wind down a little earlier because Tom Brokaw is giving a talk on the future of journalism, starting at 5. I will sprint from one to the other, even though I probably should just back out of the tea.

Wednesday: I have my first career advising appointment with my "relationship manager" in the Career Development Office. I'm going to talk to her about internship and career ideas. Also Wednesday is a lecture from Bob Meyers, former president of Playboy Enterprises, entitled "Corporate Governance Seen from the Playboy Mansion." I mean, who could miss such a thing?

Thursday: It's my day to give tours to prospective students during lunch. Then in the evening is a boutique consulting networking night, but I'm not convinced I will attend.

Friday: There's an afternoon Myers-Briggs workshop, although I have to go to the DMV that morning to become a Connecticut resident, so I'll only attend this time-permitting.

In addition to these outside-of-class activities, it's a rather massive week for assignments: a Statistics problem set (done), two Accounting homeworks (50% done), an Econ case preparation and a problem set (gulp), a 3-5 page paper for Careers (done), a take-home final exam for Spreadsheet Modeling (haven't yet received) and ... could that be all? Eh, that's not so bad.

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