Sunday, September 6, 2009

Northeastern food and drink

I think it's important to discuss that outsiders who come to the Northeast and order a hot dog might be surprised. But pleasantly so, I think.

A recent, wonderful trip to Glenwood Drive-In brought much happiness to me, and my dinner companions, Susan and Dave. I devoured two freakin' huge hot dogs, perfect as any hot dog could be, made all the better thanks to a fantastically fresh array of available toppings.

But hot dogs around here aren't served on the buns to which you might be used. They're wacky, rounded pieces of chewy, thick grilled toast -- sort of like Texas toast, but designed to cradle a hot dog. How I love them.

Glenwood is adjacent to an ice cream place called Kelly's Kone Konnection, the second place (after Ashley's) where I've been impressed by the quality of the homemade ice cream. At least they say it was homemade.

But not everything is as good as it is in, say, Texas. Example: Margaritas. No contest there.

Back to homework.

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  1. I had a dog just like that in Eastport, Maine. I think that's how they serve them in Canada too but I'm not positive (Eastport is right next door). Yummy!