Sunday, September 20, 2009

To-do list: 1. Make to-do list

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Since I'm making a to-do list anyway, I figured I might as well share it, because some people may care about a typical Sunday in the life of an SOM student, or this student at least.

1. Make a healthy breakfast. Done. I do this every day because when I do not do it, my mind turns to do-do, even more so than when I do do it.

2. Get my resume in shape. Check. I have my first appointment in the Career Development Office (CDO) this week. When you make an appointment online, they request that you send your resume. One of the challenges of having been a journalist is that it's hard to quantify my brilliant accomplishments; it's not like I can say I brought in new clients, or had a direct impact on revenue, or contributed to human life on this planet in some meaningful way. But thanks to the Internet and the way it enables the measuring of audience, I can at least note the swells in viewership on sites I worked on.

3. Submit Spreadsheet Modeling homework. I'm finished with it, but I'd like to call up a classmate or two and just run through what I did to make sure I'm not completely on Mars.

4. Find out if there's still vomit in the elevator. If not, I will consider hauling my clothes down to the basement and doing laundry. If the vomit remains, I'll procrastinate that chore until somebody does something. (Initiative schminitiative.)

5. Catch up on economics. The homework's not due till Friday, but in the last couple classes I've been a wee bit lost, so this is a good day to block aside four hours and read/re-read some material so that when I do begin the problem set, I might have some idea of what's happening.

6. Play the piano. This is a nice 30-minute break from business school stuff; I do it most days when I come home for lunch. It's relaxing without being mind-numbing. And it contributes to my immense popularity* in my building.

7. Continue my Reflected Best Self paper. For our Careers class, we're doing a project called Reflected Best Self. For it, I was to solicit feedback from friends and former colleagues to get their opinions about times I was at my best. My contributors include my first boss, my oldest friend, my mom, my old high school debate coach and a couple co-workers. Now that I've read the feedback, I am supposed to identify trends that run through the comments and see if I can use them to create a profile of a well-suited work environment for me. So far I've concluded that people seem to think I am creative and social, which runs counter to my dream of doing mathematical analysis in isolation. Whoops.

Me likey cookie.8. Eat a cookie. My roommate threw a party Friday night, and thus we have cookies. I can't let them go to waste.

9. Do the Accounting reading and homework. It's not due till Tuesday, but I'm feeling frisky!

10. Start the Statistics homework. We have problem sets in Statistics due every Wednesday evening. It doesn't look very hard, which is to say it doesn't look different from what I did over the summer, except that we're supposed to use data analysis software that I ain't understand.

That's probably an ambitious Sunday. Fortunately, because Spreadsheet Modeling is over, I have but one class on Mondays, from 8:15-9:35. So when I end up only doing 60% of what's on this list, I can have some spillover room.

*I may not be particularly popular in my building, but at least I don't vomit in the elevator much.

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