Monday, September 14, 2009

Latest on Annie Le

My roommate, who has been more of a news consumer than her roommate, says the New Haven Register is doing the finest job of covering the Annie Le story:

NEW HAVEN -- A body believed to be that of missing Yale graduate student Annie Le was found Sunday hidden inside a wall at 10 Amistad St., the building where she was last seen alive.

It was supposed to be the day she would marry her college sweetheart and celebrate at a reception in a tony section of Long Island. ...

Read more here.

Being a massive, hulking, intimidating man, I am not the least bit afraid for my safety. I hope they catch the culprit and learn he had a connection to the victim.

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  1. Be careful, Hulk! I think it's super irresponsible for the police spokesperson to say no one else was in danger when they haven't even caught the killer yet. I'm sure everyone will be keeping a rightful eye out and hopefully this will all be over soon. :(