Monday, May 31, 2010

DaFoWo Goes To New York City!

Kristin Campbell in Manhattan Although we did not see the nicest parts of New York today, my friend Kristin and I had a nice time in the city, strolling around and catching up. Kristin and I worked together back at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where we wrote, produced, edited and hosted a weekly Web show called "The DaFoWo Show." It was quite good given our limited resources. Some bits were a lot better than others. It improved. It was fun to do. The show ended when she moved to New York, the state, and now she's somewhat recently relocated to New York, the city, residing in Brooklyn.

John @ AP Our activities included a very mediocre lunch in Queens -- options were limited because it's Memorial Day, and we decided to have lunch at 3:20 p.m. -- followed by trekking out to The AP so I could get a sense of tomorrow morning's commute. It will take about 40 minutes door-to-door, although of course tomorrow I'll be sure to leave more than an hour just in case.

We also stopped by The Yale Club, which is right next to Grand Central Station. I'm going to join tomorrow. It's got a fitness center, a bar and various other amenities I can enjoy over the summer, as well as special summer events for young members, including gin tasting, a wine dinner and an "All-Ivy GALA Mixer" for gay and lesbian alumni. There are also film screenings, book discussions, poetry nights, concierge services, discounts at stores ... lots of stuff. And my train goes through the Grand Central stop every day, so it will be no trouble to hop off.

So John In New York Summer 2010 is starting off quite well. I shall be off to bed early so as to be especially refreshed for orientation tomorrow.

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